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4 Fans of King Candy,The Ruler!
:bulletred:Every Friday, and Saturday
3:30pm Pacific | 4:30pm Mountain | 5:30pm Central | 6:30pm Eastern | 10:30pm GMT
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:bulletgreen:King Candy…
Founded 3 Years ago
Nov 10, 2012

North America

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246 Members
245 Watchers
21,822 Pageviews
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Alternate Universes - AUs
deviation in storage by Silver-HeartCrosser
deviation in storage by Silver-HeartCrosser
deviation in storage by Silver-HeartCrosser
WIR Crew


:love::love::love:Share the love!Here are some other Wreck-It-Ralph groups,or other fan clubs that might spark your interest.Have fun game jumping to the fan clubs!:love::love::love:


Free Muffin Icon by LissyFishyKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkFree Muffin Icon by LissyFishy

Hello Everyone! And Welcome to the KingCandyFanJoint!

:hug: This is a group dedicated to King Candy, who rules Sugar Rush with a sugary fist. :meow:
:bulletred: 4 Submissions to the Club are allowed per week!
:bulletpurple: Be respectful
:bulletpink: NO Insulting or being rude.
:bulletred: No stolen art or screencaps!
:bulletpurple: Please submit to the correct folders! Also, any Stored artwork gets removed from the folders.
:bulletpink: If you have any complaints, or trouble, please send our Founder, Turquoisephoenix, a note, and she will reply as soon as she can.
Free Muffin Icon by LissyFishyKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkKing Candy by Pharaoh-InkFree Muffin Icon by LissyFishy

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:How To Join?:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
Just click the Join our Group ,and you're in! :D
:bulletpurple: You must be a fan of King Candy

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:Gallery Rules:bulletgreen::bulletgreen:
:bulletpink: The Artwork has to be King Candy related, but you can include Felix, Ralph, Vanellope, Calhoun, Turbo, and even other game characters from the Game World. As long King Candy is it your artwork, then it's awesome sauce. ^W^
Free Muffin Icon:LissyFishy
strawberry chocolate cake icon:milkbun
Free Cookie Icon:xXScarletButterflyXx(About Us)
King Candy Stamp:Pharaoh-Ink
KC stamp:DuskofGold5
Today, one of the submissions to this group got a Daily Deviation!

COMMISSION: King Candy inspired plush by MrsVolv

Congratulations, :iconmrsvolv: on a job well done and for granting King Pillowpants this most esteemed of honors! Your plushie work is absolutely fantastic and the professional level of detail and accuracy all of your work deserves to be honored.


Also, I just want to say that Deviantart has been having some bugs lately (probably Hero's Duty's fault; their security is not the best I've heard) so if you had problems submitting anything to the gallery, please let me or one of the mods know. I've been doing the best I can to keep the group galleries completely organized.

And as always, feel free to leave feedback or comment with any concerns and I'll address them any way I can. =)
First of all, there's a global submission limit of Four Deviations per week. I feel this number is reasonable and to keep from any one user from flooding the folders. Pacing is always a good thing. =)

Second, I have changed it so that members can submit to ANY folder instead of just the Featured folder. That way, you don't have to wait for your artwork to be moved into the correct folder by the Founder or Cofounder. Now that everybody can put their stuff where they feel suits their deviation best.

The Featured Folder will still behave as it always did in case you prefer having the mods move your stuff into the other folders.

That being said, now that this change is in place, please be courteous and submit to the right folders and only submit your artwork to one folder!

If we end up having a problem where people keep submitting to the wrong folders, this will be changed back to the previous rule of only Featured submissions. This is mainly to test the waters to make this group more streamlined for everybody.


I have also added two three new folders!

Fancharacters and OCs

I noticed that we didn't have a folder for this. If you have a fancharacter or original character interacting with King Candy, it goes in here. This includes pairings.


This is self-explanatory. If you make an animation of King Candy, it goes in here. I thought of this folder after getting several submissions of Animations and felt they deserved their own folder. =D

Alternate Universes (AUs)

Since the Father/Daughter King Candy NPC has a folder, I figured all the other Alternate Universes should get their own folder. Have a King Candy that's different from the canon King Candy? Have an alternate universe where everything ended up just a little bit different than the norm? Is your King Candy actually related to Ralph, or lives in the real world, or actually survived as a virus and infected one of the other characters? Is your King Candy altered to the point where you feel your King Candy is as much your own character as it is, well, King Candy?

This folder should also help anyone who has an ask-blog on tumblr or the like and you weren't sure if you should submit your stuff to the straight up King Candy folder since your King Candy isn't a close follower of canon anymore.

I'm gonna keep a watchful eye on this folder in particular. If people are confused about what goes into this folder or this folder gets filled with miscellaneous stuff, I'll scrap the idea. I just noticed that quite a few people have King Candy characters they draw or roleplay that could probably make use of this folder.

I am also considering phasing out the Miscellaneous folder since a lot of pictures in there do belong in other folders and I'm considering absorbing the Slash folder in with the Pairings folder.

As always, I'm open for suggestions. If you have any questions or objections, or suggestions for folders we could use, please comment or note me. =)
Hello! This is :iconturquoisephoenix:, the new Founder, here. I just want to thank the Founder again for giving me a chance to run this group with the other Cofounders and I wanted to say hello to everyone. =)

First off, I'm not gonna change anything in the group because it's been running really well so far and the other Cofounders have already been doing an incredibly good job. I'm on DeviantART at least once a day (oftentimes more than that) so submissions will be moderated incredibly fast. The chatroom will still have its scheduled times, I'm not adding or removing any new folders (unless if you would like me to; please see below), and I won't change anything with the theme. This is a very relaxed group and I want to keep it that way. You guys have been incredibly awesome. :D

I'm just gonna add two new rules:

:bulletred: Any Stored artwork gets removed from the folders. This is mainly to keep the folders clean and organized and to keep any of the folders from being buried in "Stored Deviation" icons. Plus it's no fair to have a submission in a club if none of the other club members can see it and usually people store artwork they want to get rid of anyways. So if you store any of your artwork, it will be removed.
I'm gonna be going through the folders and clearing out the Stored Deviations later today.

:bulletred: No screenshots or screencaps. We already have a "no stolen art" rule, but I wanted to make this clearer. The only exception is stamps of course, but I feel members mainly want to see artwork rather than screencaps you pulled directly from the movie or Internet.

If you have any objections about these rules, let me know.

With that out of the way, if you have any suggestions on things you want to see from this group, be it new folders we need, a new rule, or any ideas for a contest, collab, or artist's challenge, let me know via comment in this journal here or Note me.

That being said, you guys stay sweet and have a turbotastic day!
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